Towing Services

We have been providing towing and roadside services to the Berks county and surrounding area for over a decade.  If you find yourself in a situation where we can help, don't hesitate to contact us.  See if you qualify for a FREE TOW.

Need help keeping your private lot Private??

We can help with that too, Private contracts at little to - no cost;

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Auto Repair & Maintenance Services

We have a network of great mechanics with a variety of skills.  Work will be done in-house unless otherwise informed. Expect prompt work estimates and Fast Service.

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Parts and Other services

Have a unique or special request.  We can't solve a problem that we don't know about.  Everything from specialty keys, key fobs, unique motors and custom vehicles have a place here at Nene Towing and Auto Repair.

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What we believe

No Matter who you are.. you have or will run into vehicle problems.  Not everyone has a friend, dad, or uncle who is a mechanic AND has the time to solve your problems.

We provide safe towing and reliable vehicle repair services at a reasonable  price. There are so many variables on the road everyday for us as drivers.   You can depend on Nene Towing to provide you great service no matter what your situation.

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Vehicles parked on your private lot ??  We can help.